Elburg Yachting EU Customs Entrepot

Discover the customs warehouse benefits for non-European yachts. 

Elburg Yachting opened its EU customs warehouse thanks to the received customs warehouse license for seagoing motor and sailing yachts from a length of 7.5 meters.

The customs warehouse is located at J.P. Broekhovenstraat 37, 8081 HB in Elburg and has been realized thanks to a close cooperation between Dutch Customs and Elburg Yachting. The customs administration of the warehouse will be taken care of by a professional external shipping agent.

The customs warehouse offers you as a client the possibility to store yachts from outside the European Union in the warehouse without having to pay import duties or taxes. This type of service is extremely interesting for owners of yachts which come from outside the European Union, yacht builders, yacht brokers, importers and dealers.

The Brexit has led to an increase in demand for this service. After all, many countries in northwest Europe are doing business with the United Kingdom, but also for example, with Switzerland, Norway or countries outside Europe.

The most common reasons for temporarily storing the yacht in a bonded warehouse are: 

  • The sale or delivery at a later stage of a non-EU yacht in Europe. 
  • Trade-in of a yacht from a non-EU country for which it is not (yet) known if it will be sold to a customer inside or outside the EU.
  • New yachts from outside the EU that are given on consignment to a dealer or broker pending a buyer.
  • Yachts awaiting the conclusions of a customs investigation.
  • Any other situation where a non-EU yacht is temporarily stored in the customs warehouse when it is not known yet whether the yacht will leave the EU again or remain within the EU.

Yachts stored with us in the customs warehouse can be maintained by our company during this period. All required customs procedures are taken care of and guided by Elburg Yachting in cooperation with a professional external shipping agent. The yachts are under permanent supervision.

With the opening of the customs warehouse at the beginning of 2023, Elburg Yachting has taken a new step in its service and we can perform and/or take care of almost all common actions and work on international yachts for you.

A big advantage of this location is that Elburg Yachting is easy to approach due to its location on the main waterways of the Randmeren and Veluwemeer.

For information or questions about the possibilities of the customs warehouse, please contact Mr. J. Eenkhoorn.